Upgrade to Windows 10

Have you considered to upgrade your computer to Windows 10? Why do you need to upgrade your computer? Let’s answer these questions together.

Windows 10

End of Windows 7 support

If you are not using Windows 10 yet, it is likely that you are still using Microsoft Windows 7. You may have used it for years. Unfortunately, it reached its end of support threshold on 14 January 2020.

We wrote more about that in these articles. In short, after the end of support, the longer you run your PC with Windows 7, more exposed to security risk your PC will be.

New Windows 10 May 2020 is available

Microsoft released the Windows 10 May 2020 update for all computers. Read our article to see what is new in this Windows 10, version 2004 and how to get the update.

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Remote Assistance

Are you having issues with your computer, tablet or smartphone? Scared having anyone with the current pandemic? We can remotely assist you.

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More secure

This is not unique to Windows 10 but to any supported operating systems. A maintained operating system will receive frequent security patch updates. This is the case of Windows 10. It receives and installs security updates at least every week. Also, the system will check for new updates every day. This aims to keep your PC safe.


Let’s be honest, Windows 10 comes with its disadvantages. Depending on the edition of the system, you may not be able to stop major upgrades. These upgrades occur twice a year. They provide improvement and new functionalities but also may come with bugs and issues. For instance, one of our customers had the user profile corrupted after an upgrade.

However, we believe that the benefits of Windows 10 overweight the disadvantages.

Syncing between your different computers

For instance, if you use your Microsoft account to log onto your PC, it will synchronise your settings, theme, wallpaper, passwords, etc. across any Windows 10 devices you signing using your Microsoft account.

With the help of Microsoft Onedrive, you will be able to save your most important files, documents, photos, etc. If you were ever losing your system requiring a full reset or because of your hard drive to die, you would not lose everything.

Any programs or apps installed via the Windows Store can be easily downloaded and installed back on another device.

Extra features

You may like those new assistants such as Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant. Windows 10 comes with its personal assistant too, named Cortana.

If you are using Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, you will be glad to learn that the start menu you miss from previous Windows versions is back with Windows 10.

Since the April 2018 update, Window 10 comes with a Nearby Sharing feature: you can send files, links, photos and more to nearby PCs over Bluetooth.

Another interesting feature is the Windows Store. You can download apps like Netflix or WhatsApp, video games, TV Channels apps, etc. It is great, but do not expect as many apps as the App Store for Mac or Google Play.

Have you ever installed a new peripheral and struggled to find the driver to make it working? Most of the peripherals are recognised by Windows 10. Simply plug it and it should work.

Last, Windows 10 comes with its integrated antivirus software improving the security of your PC.


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